You Can’t See Them: People John Cena Shouldn’t Have Destroyed (But Did)

The Worst Of WCW Volume 1 - Where The Big Boys Play

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A lot of things can be said about John Cena, but “he’s helped other people become stars by losing at times when it would really matter” is not one of them. To the detriment of nearly everyone else on that roster since he claimed his first WWE World Title in 2005, Cena has not only beaten one would-be superstar after another, but done so in such convincing fashion that he pretty much destroyed any credibility they had coming into the match. Even on the rare occasions he does lose, he will then win the next two or three rematches, often against his conqueror and a couple of cronies.

Almost nobody has come out of a feud with Cena looking better, or even as good, as they did going in. This book tells the stories of the ones that really hurt, the guys who really could have meant something if they hadn’t been fed to the wood chipper called John Cena. Over the course of these chapters, you’ll get to relive every minute of the decade of frustration we saw John Cena tear through everyone thrown in his path, and think about what might have been.