The Worst Of WCW Volume 1: Where The Big Boys Play

The Worst Of WCW Volume 1 - Where The Big Boys Play

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Despite being regarded for many years as one of the best wrestling territories in the country and a key member of the National Wrestling Alliance, Jim Crockett Promotions hit hard times in the late 80s. With no apparent way to dig themselves out of their hole, the company was sold to Turner Broadcasting in late 1988 and transformed into World Championship Wrestling.

To say the corporate culture at Turner had a hard time meshing with the old-school wrestling mentality of Jim Crockett Promotions would be an understatement. By the time the 90s began, WCW had morphed into a second-rate WWF sports entertainment knockoff, and was barely recognizable as the deep-rooted wrestling company it had been only a few years earlier.

The revolving door of executives with no experience in (or mind for) the wrestling business did everything they could to try and emulate the entertainment aspects of the WWF, but as this book details, the results were somewhat less than inspiring.