The Most Offensive Storylines In WWE History

The Worst Of WCW Volume 1 - Where The Big Boys Play

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WWE has always been willing to take risks and push the envelope to entertain its fans, and sometimes, things work out great and we end up with legendary superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Degeneration X. Other times, things don’t go so well and WWE comes away looking incompetent at best and downright tasteless at worst.

The Most Offensive Storylines In WWE History looks at the absolute worst of the worst, the storylines that not only misfired on all cylinders, but made us embarrassed to be wrestling fans. Relive Big Show’s anguish as the Big Boss Man stole his dead father’s casket, the night Dawn Marie killed Torrie Wilson’s father with her overactive sex drive, Muhammad Hassan’s transformation from All-American kid to hardened Arab terrorist, and of course, Vince McMahon’s feud with God!