Heel Interference Foiled When Babyface Not Distracted By Entrance Music

Bray Wyatt recently suffered an unexpected loss to Dean Ambrose on Monday Night Raw when, despite Seth Rollins’ music playing during the match as Rollins made his way to the ring, Ambrose kept wrestling and defeated Wyatt before Rollins even got close to the ring.

“I thought the plan was foolproof,” said Wyatt, “For years now, anytime someone’s entrance music hits during the match, both guys stop wrestling and stare at the person coming down the entry ramp. I don’t know how many heels I’ve seen take advantage of that to win matches, but Ambrose completely ignored protocol and kept wrestling. He didn’t pay any attention to Seth, and it totally screwed my plan.”

When asked about his bizarre behavior, Ambrose simply stated “I’ve seen people do that shit for years and was always like ‘Why don’t they just keep kicking the guy’s ass?’ Like what, there’s some kind of magic force that freezes them in place? Or is everyone just stupid? Fuck that.”