Atlas Security Hired To Keep Order On Pier Six

A new sheriff is coming to a place long renowned for being home to many of the most vicious brawls known to man, as Atlas Security has been hired to police the lawless badlands of Pier Six. After years of maintaining order at wrestling shows promoted by companies like ECW and TNA, Atlas Security is well prepared for the types of troublemakers they’ll be faced with on Pier Six.

“If you can handle fans during a Bubba Ray Dudley promo, you can handle anything,” said Atlas Security head Ronnie Lang. “We’ve been faced with all kinds of situations involving both wrestlers and fans, so street thugs on a pier are just another form of the same kind of crazy and nothing new to us.”

Katie, a local waitress who is frequently made to bar the door during pier six brawls, looks forward to Atlas coming to town and hopes they can help bring order to the once-calm seaside vista. “I can’t wait,” said Katie, standing in her usual post by the door, “how the the hell am I supposed to make tips if I’m barring the door all day?”